Career Scope in Space research

Space research: Is scientific study carried out in outer, space and by studying outer space. From the use of space technology to the observable universer, space research is a wide research. Earth, materials science,biology,medicine, and physics  all apply to the space research environment. The term includes scientific payloads at any altitude from. Deep space to low earth orbit,  extended to include sounding rocket   research in the upper atmostphere, and high altitude balloons.

Rockets:Chinese rockets were used in ceremony and as weaponry since the 13th century, but no rocket would overcome earth’s gravityuntil the latter half of the 20th century. Space  capability rocketry appeared simultaneously in the work of three scientists, in three separate countries. In Russia, konstatin tsiolkovski,in the United States,Robert , and in Germany,hermann oberth.

Artificial Satellite:he first remotely controlled robots (lunokhod)to land on another planetary body. The early space researchers obtained an important international forum with the establishment of the Committee on Space research (COSPAR) in 1958, which achieved an exchange of scientific information between east and west during the cold war, despite the military origin of the rocket technology underlying the research field.

Astronauts:On April 12, 1961, Russian Lieutenant Yuri gagarin was the first human to orbit Earth, in vostok In 1961, US astronaut  Alan shepard was the first American in space. And on July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first human on the moon.

Interstellar:The voyager probe launched on 5 September 1977, and flew beyond the edge of our solar system in August 2012 to the interstellar medium.The farthest human object from the Earth, predictions include collision, an Oort cloud, and destiny,perhaps eternally—to wander the Milky Way.

Research field:space research includes the following fields of science:

Earth observations,using remote sensing echniques to optical and radar data from earth

  • Geodesy, using gravitational perturbations of satellite
  • Atmospheric Science, aeronoms, using satellites,sounding rockets and high altitude balloons Space physio , the in situ study of space plasmas, auroras,the ionosphere,the magnetosphere and Space
  • Planetology,using Space probesto study objects in the planetary system

Upper atmosphere  Research satellite: Upper atmosphere research satellite was a NASA -led mission launched on September 12, 1991. The 5,900 kg (13,000 lb) satellite was deployed from the Space Shuttle Discovery during the  mission on 15 September 1991. It was the first multi-instrumented satellite to study various aspects of the Earth’s atmosphere and have a better understanding of photochemistry.After 14 years of service, the UARS finished its scientific career in 2005.

ISRO:The Indian Space research organization

The Indian Space research organization (ISRO) is India’s national space agency.india has been steadily building its launching and exploration capabilities for decades.ISRO’s roots stretch back to 1962,when India’s first Prime Minister, jawaharlal Nehru, enlisted physicist vibrant sarabhai to set up the Indian National committee for Space research (incisor). Sarabhai is known as the founding father of India’s space program because of this effort.

India’s first rocket launch flew from Saint Mary Magdalene Church in the fishing village of thumba in thiruvanathapuram,kerala,on.21,1963.the sounding rocket,which only reached sub orbital space, was called  Nike Apache  and its components were built by NASA .The payload was famously transported to the launch site by bicycle, according to an article in India today. ISRO now refers to the church as the mecca of India rocket science.


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